When the lights are out and the show is over, when everyone is gone, all on their way home, you wonder when will be the time someone is waiting by the door, waiting… Continue reading

Disconnect to Reconnect

I remember one of the lines from my senior year college retreat, and it goes, “Disconnect to Reconnect”. Things are neither bad nor good, but there is just something off about whatever it… Continue reading

Nothing Left

Random Thought # 3 on Writing

Writing is trying to contain all sadness in words which have been tried to be spoken, yet only tears were able to define.

Short Passages

Every day by David Levithan “I wake up thinking of yesterday. The joy is in remembering; the pain is in knowing it was yesterday.”

Unravel the Ramble

Reaching you seems far But reading through you Cuts the distance at par Wondering where to head To ramble the right words and be led Me to you, and you to me, To… Continue reading

Too Young

Because I am too young to be in love. Too young to be committed to one.  I cannot promise to give my all, because I do not know what all I could give.… Continue reading

Faith and Places

Sometimes, you tend to lose hold of things around and they get out of hand. You dive into impulsive actions and get caught up in a situation you find no way out. But… Continue reading

At Lost

Do you ever get the feeling of not feeling anything? Like you are already numb with life and numb with the other feelings that you could ever have? Do you ever feel like… Continue reading

To the Man I Want to Love Next

To the man I want to love next, kindly take care of your health, as I think you are taking it for granted. Don’t take cigarettes too heavy, and don’t drink alcohol drowning-ly,… Continue reading