Rainy Drive 

Thoughts in this rainy night while driving home with a mellow song on the side… When you don’t want to feel the sadness anymore by the time you listen to a sad song. … Continue reading


​Writing hurts Writing heals Writing hides Writing shows Feelings unspoken Words written

Other Side of 20s

Back in my teenage years, I used to think that constant, consistency and anything the same and repeated is boring. But funny as I grew older, I realized this is what most people… Continue reading

2 Take Home Lessons for the Day

Blog entry for the day: Being stuck in traffic on my way home, I found myself in tears. In tears, definitely not because of the traffic but because of something else. And somehow,… Continue reading


At some point in my life, I thought that what was going to be a constant struggle was to clearly see what I’m going to be very passionate about; to wake up each… Continue reading

Isang Tingin

Nakakatawa na kung paano mo nababasa sa mga mata ng kapwa babae na may  pagtingin at lingid sa kanyang kaalaman; na sa kung paano hanapin ng kanyang titig, at ang pagnanais na mabigyang… Continue reading

If he decides to love me

And I’m writing again. No longer because I don’t know what I’m feeling, rather because I feel too much that I can’t find any other way but to write them out.   If… Continue reading

Because I am a Woman

Feb 2, 2016 Because I am a woman. No longer is the girl who tried to figure out what is and what not; no longer the girl who sacrifices too much just to… Continue reading

Changed & Blessed

Maybe at first it’s natural to feel pained, hurt or even bad inside. But slowly as things have started to sink in, as I try to look at the better, brighter sides of… Continue reading


In all honesty, the least thing I expect to be doing this week is to write another entry here on my blog. As always, this is the last resort I run to.  … Continue reading