Because I am a Woman

Feb 2, 2016 Because I am a woman. No longer is the girl who tried to figure out what is and what not; no longer the girl who sacrifices too much just to… Continue reading

Changed & Blessed

Maybe at first it’s natural to feel pained, hurt or even bad inside. But slowly as things have started to sink in, as I try to look at the better, brighter sides of… Continue reading


In all honesty, the least thing I expect to be doing this week is to write another entry here on my blog. As always, this is the last resort I run to.  … Continue reading


Resounding echo inside the chambers kept hidden, unspoken Palm to palm fingers in between afraid to stay, afraid to cling yet afraid to fade and try toΒ stay always will


Pause. I once read that it is good to learn how to pause. “When in doubt, pause. When angry, pause. When tired, pause. When stressed, pause; and when you pause, pray.” Pause. Maybe… Continue reading


Yapak Dahan dahang inilalapat ang bawat hakbang sa marurupok na balat na siyang kinatatakutang mabiyak, o di kaya’y maputol ang napaka nipis na lubid na siyang humahawak, sa kung anumang ugnayan ang sa… Continue reading

Sunday Thought: True Identity

Based from experience, there have been couple of times when I have asked myself who am I really? Or what type of person am I? To be honest, it really is tough to… Continue reading

Relationship and Walls

There was a time when I thought about those people who used to say they are putting up a wall to guard their heart. I thought that it was foolish to do so… Continue reading

Random Thought#9 Aboard and Float

Maybe it is not about who starts, who ends or where things will go. Maybe it is about being there in the moment, taking the risk and staying present. I realize that thinking… Continue reading


Nagumpisa sa simpleng pag dampi ng ating mga palad at ngiti ng mga labi hanggang sa inasam na sa aki’y manatili iyong ulong pagod na aking pinawi Maaring isa lamang ako sa iyong… Continue reading