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My First Service

“God qualifies the called.”


That Kind of Love

​You deserve the kind of love that does not make you question whether it’s you, because it has always been you. You deserve it with no doubt.  You deserve to be a priority… Continue reading

Iloilo 19 aug 2016

And when you’re already out here, out with the nature, it no longer matters who you are at work, what you do everyday, the struggles that you feel and the thoughts that you… Continue reading

Pray, He Listens, He Answers

MARCH 26, 2017 ​When you pray that He remove the fears you have in your heart and in your mind… and the entire mass and preaching at the Feast talked about having faith… Continue reading

Talk 1: To be Beloved (Reflections) 

Today, I have finally decided to make attending The Feast session a priority in my life, simply because being there constantly refuels my positive outlook in life and reminds me of my faith… Continue reading

Rainy Drive 

Thoughts in this rainy night while driving home with a mellow song on the side… When you don’t want to feel the sadness anymore by the time you listen to a sad song. … Continue reading

Other Side of 20s

Back in my teenage years, I used to think that constant, consistency and anything the same and repeated is boring. But funny as I grew older, I realized this is what most people… Continue reading

2 Take Home Lessons for the Day

Blog entry for the day: Being stuck in traffic on my way home, I found myself in tears. In tears, definitely not because of the traffic but because of something else. And somehow,… Continue reading


At some point in my life, I thought that what was going to be a constant struggle was to clearly see what I’m going to be very passionate about; to wake up each… Continue reading

If he decides to love me

And I’m writing again. No longer because I don’t know what I’m feeling, rather because I feel too much that I can’t find any other way but to write them out.   If… Continue reading