At some point in my life, I thought that what was going to be a constant struggle was to clearly see what I’m going to be very passionate about; to wake up each morning having that mind-set of going after and doing whatever it takes just to do what I really love.

But then, as I think about it again, I realize it is more than just knowing what to be passionate about, instead it is feeling the gratitude that in every new day, is a new blessing already; that perhaps waking up to another morning, should already be the reason why I want to put my heart in everything that I do, because not all is given the chance to be up again and live.

And maybe, knowing what I’m going to repeatedly do in every single day is just supplementary to living and doing things with an eager heart. 🙂

PS Thoughts this morning after a really tiring day yesterday. Yes to doing more with a happy heart!


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