Monthly Archive: July, 2015

Step into the Positive

After spending days contemplating on my own about certain things, today I suddenly feel like I’m going to give things a go and just let them be. It’s been a long time since… Continue reading

Random Thought #8 One Way

We both know it shouldn’t just be one way.


This morning, I finally remember┬áthat to really get over something and move on, I must face my fear. I figured that I am not going to wait or sit in wonder for why… Continue reading

Six Word Stories: 83.

I am trying to.

Random Thought#7 BAKA

Lahat na ng Baka nakakawala. All that “maybe” were freed. LOL

Let me

Let me be the peace in your rain, the warm in your cold, the comfort in your pain, the company in your home. Background: It’s a rainy day┬átoday and I simply feel like… Continue reading

Random Thought#6: Life and Dreams

Imagine a life without a dream. Black. Blue. Gray. White Imagine a dream without a life. Colorless Lesson: Not all those who dream have the capacity of life. Never waste your life, so… Continue reading

Random Thought #5

You should never pick a flower when you only plan to throw it away.