Monthly Archive: April, 2015

At Lost

Do you ever get the feeling of not feeling anything? Like you are already numb with life and numb with the other feelings that you could ever have? Do you ever feel like… Continue reading

To the Man I Want to Love Next

To the man I want to love next, kindly take care of your health, as I think you are taking it for granted. Don’t take cigarettes too heavy, and don’t drink alcohol drowning-ly,… Continue reading

Random 3: Places and Verses

Take me to places I have never been, and I’ll write you verses you’ve never seen. Background: Just a random thought for today. P.S. Photo is taken

Beer in Love

Vividly I could recall the bursting aroma of bitter, sweet, malty cooked hops, the moment I gasp the warm air yesterday. The blend of richly brewed starch brought me to the nostalgic state… Continue reading

Too far apart

Too far apart. Aha. Good read for tonight.

Random 2: Hair

I realize that I usually get my hair cut short in times when I feel out of control in my life. Perhaps I felt that when I couldn’t get hold of anything, the… Continue reading