It is amazing how another man could simply put what’s in my mind that has been so hard to compartmentalize with words. I have tried to ask myself why do I have to write things on this before, when I have other things to be busy about and a time schedule to follow. I get stuck in the middle of reality and the space that’s been long hiding behind me. And it’s been so confusing for me since I am working and staying in a field when “technical” and objective aspect of things are needed to be considered, over feelings or over imagination.. You have definitely peeked through my space and brought sunlight to it.

Great post. Thank you for making it feel like it is normal to devote time on these kind of thoughts.

The Renegade Press

Have you ever stood at the entrance way to an attic left cluttered and disheveled and thought about just how beautiful the space could be if someone only took the time to clear up the junk, sweep out the dust and make some space? You probably stared across the landscape of dank cardboard boxes stuffed and overflowing with the past, or moved through dusty sheets protecting furniture discarded long ago from the humiliation of a dirty surface. There was probably very little room for you to move. You stepped over boxes, or pushed between stacks of books and piles of sundries from a previous life as a thought settled into the back of your head that this space could be glorious. If only you took the time to clear up the haphazardly discarded contents and made it your own.

Or maybe for you it wasn’t an attic. It could have…

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