Monthly Archive: January, 2015

Profound Passion

There seems to be a profound wonder How I find you completely like how I see myself. As if my other half was you. My words, my interests, my ambitions, my hobbies, my… Continue reading

Maling Paguugnay

Minsan, may mga bagay na nakakaduwag lang, Mga bagay na nakakadaga ng puso. isang tingin pa lang, Tipong mapapaatras ka na. Lakas ng tibok. dub dub dub dub dub. Nakakatakot rin naman kasi.… Continue reading

Drunken Drowning

Sometimes, I simply feel empty and lost. Right now, I feel that I am lost, of no path, of nowhere to go, of whether my existence is nothing or is it really real?… Continue reading