To God be the Glory

When people tell how blessed they are because of your presence, I couldn’t be more grateful to God our Father, for nothing is possible if it were not for Him. All glory to… Continue reading

My First Service

“God qualifies the called.”

Going Deeper

The Lenten Season have unravelled so many things in my mind over the past weeks. I did not go on fasting but suprisingly, quite a lot of things about myself have become clearer.… Continue reading

Journey of faith #1

I had the chance of hearing God’s word twice through The Feast this past week. First in Feast Ortigas and second in Feast Quezon City. I initially thought that in Feast QC, the… Continue reading


There are people you meet and learn a lot from. Yet they are not necessarily bound to stay nor be actively present. I am just grateful, that at some point in my life,… Continue reading


She walked back and forth. Up the stairs and below. Came to him and just embraced. And tears were rushing.. rushing… as her heart was overwhelmingly full. Full of love of Jesus and… Continue reading


Learning to end it with a period more than a comma ;

That Kind of Love

​You deserve the kind of love that does not make you question whether it’s you, because it has always been you. You deserve it with no doubt.  You deserve to be a priority… Continue reading

Stumbled upon NH thoughts # 1

Your ocean blue eyes.  Wrinkles on your nose as you smile.  Yet smiles that make me happy Photographs that remind me,  we can never be.  Music that speaks more than the verses  Eyes… Continue reading

Iloilo 19 aug 2016

And when you’re already out here, out with the nature, it no longer matters who you are at work, what you do everyday, the struggles that you feel and the thoughts that you… Continue reading