When something big hits you hard, you fall into a space where elimination process of things you used to get anxious about, or find bothersome, slowly becomes easier. You get to see clearly… Continue reading




It’s funny how persistent God really chases and reminds me to do the right thing- sharing just a few bits of my day last Friday. It was Friday morning, opened my Bible app,… Continue reading


Just got back from a retreat 2 weeks ago. Made a commitment that I’ll take care of myself. Get enough sleep and have exercise. Nourish more through reading and deepening further my spiritual… Continue reading

June 19, 2019


I’d move. I’ll go. Scared. I’ll be still. Dreams. Is there anything that’s certain?


Ours is a perpendicular story. To meet once and never again.


Left a part of it. It could’ve been more. But it was enough to overflow. I’m happy. Thank you, and soon.

Day 2: Trip Thoughts

Maybe it’s just me but I find it really sad to see old man or woman at a train station asking for money. The country where I recently been to is definitely not… Continue reading

Day 0.5- “Seoul-o” (Solo) Trip

Lost in translation in Seoul this past midnight and did not have any internet connection to find the way (no google maps, or waze). Approached a random person on the street and this… Continue reading